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The Best Way to Use Google Trends for Search Engine Optimization

Introduction Google Trends was introduced in the online market in 2006 by the Google Company to assist users to know the most common phrases and keywords. This data is frequently updated depending on how frequently the phrases or keywords are used. From time to time, people change the phrases when searching for something on the [.....]


4 Tips on How to Future-Proof Your SEO for 2020

At the closure of 2019, it is a suitable to think about how SEO will be in 2020. After knowing the 2020 SEO trends, it is equally important to know the right steps to take with SEO for the future. This article will highlight key trends and how you should be prepared, and tips on [.....]


Top Four Engagement Marketing Metrics Techniques of 2020

Introduction If you are reading this article, you probably want to know the engagement market metrics and how to improve them. Many people may not value engagement as part of the things that can make a business successful. Truth to be told that engagement is crucial to ensure the success of business because customers' behavior [.....]


A Quick SEO Guide in 2020

Are you still wondering how to ace your online business with SEO? SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization and involves various activities to help in improving your search engine rankings. Any web page has the potential of gaining high ranks in Google if search engine optimization is done right. There have been changes [.....]


Top 5 SEO Practices That Will Flourish in 2020

We understand how crucial it is for a business to secure top rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs) in order to truly capitalize on digital marketing means. Successful SEO strategies always focus on and adapt to ongoing changes in the mechanism that determine the fate of websites. The article will focus on some of [.....]


9 Best Digital Marketing Methods of 2020 (2020 Digital Marketing)

9 Best Digital Marketing Methods of 2020 Are you aware of the best digital marketing methods of 2020? If not, here is an intensive analysis of the best digital marketing methods that will highly boost your business. Digital marketing is more than INTERNET marketing because it uses platforms that do not require the INTERNET to [.....]


AMAZON A10 Algorithm Update: The Furore!

Amazon Has Updated its A10 Algorithm for SEO Marketing for Good It’s common for people to increase followers on Instagram and get likes on their Facebook posts by paying a vendor! You have been doing that now, haven’t you! Well Amazon won’t have it! Amazon will penalize you permanently for getting fake purchases and reviews [.....]


How to use Link Building to boost SEO in 2020

Introduction The essence of Search Engine Optimization in 2020 cannot be overstated, and link building is perhaps the surest way to achieve a good SEO. Link building has grown to become a critical factor in determining Search Engine rankings. However, the basics of Link building seems to constantly elude people, this is why we [.....]


SEO Tools to Optimize Website and Pages for Backlinks

Introduction. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools can either be a blessing or a curse, depend on who you talk to.  As is the case with most other electronic technologies, SEO tools to optimize websites and web pages of all kinds have an exponential growth curve.  In order to know which tools are available for [.....]