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TRICKC Digital Marketing Services,
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About Us!

Avant Garde– That’s what our customer’s remark about TRICKC Digital Marketing LLP. We like to keep things simple. That’s the reason we don’t need to boast about our work or claim our position in the Digital Marketing industry. It’s always about our “customers” in the end for us. We take words “work” and “business” seriously, just like you do.Digital Market is ever-expanding. Criteria and demands change, technologies evolve, and so does your customers. Amid all these changes, you never walk out on the customers. You’re passionate about your business, and so are we! For us, “YOU” are the customer.

About Us – TRICKC Digital Marketing LLP

Okay, so here’s who are we in real: We’re a team of 25 (and growing) based in India, altogether connected by the same passion- a passion for exploring new horizons in Digital Marketing. TRICKC originated from Kolkata and today have spread in places like Mumbai, Pune, etc., and beyond, where we can meet professionals like you. TRICKC is the brainchild of Mrs. Chanda. She is more than a CEO and Founder of TRICKC Digital Marketing Company to us, a true internet innovator, an accomplished IT Developer, and an SEO Expert. She never lost her ardor to walk that extra mile. Having worked for prime MNCs in past six years, one fine day she set out to build her own company, to make Digital Market an uncomplicated clash of ideas, innovations, and brands.

TRICKC is an invisible network of “digital marketing, innovations, and satisfaction” that connects YOU and US. Our motto is loud and clear: With a reliable team of professional engineers, we want to SUCCEED in every project, using innovative, safe and legal SEO, SEM, PPC & Programming Techniques. 

Don’t get us wrong! Just like we said before:

“Your success” = “Our success”.

Our Vision:

Vision is what you believe. Let’s put it this way: What’s your vision? It can be anything, from reaching out to as many people as possible, to becoming a sole “BRAND”. Just like our customers, we too believe that our success is a never-ending journey (more than a destination). Yet, we cannot resist ourselves from entering into some new ventures like E-commerce, Online Free Media Publishers(without Copyright Problems), One-Step Customer Solution by the chat over any problem at free of cost, and some others (which are still under R&D).

Our Mission
Our Vision

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help you get your desired results with maximum returns. Sure this helps us to shape our mission too: To build #1 SEO & Digital Marketing company. We recognize that money may or may not aid us to survive in this industry, but our client’s satisfaction can definitely make us a champion in all odds and ends.

Where Can You Find Us?

Topography has never been a barrier for us. TRICKC have clients from US, Canada, UK, Australia, Greenland, China, Japan, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico. We’ll keep on growing in other locations as well.

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