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Are Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Different?

In the Digital Marketing industry, terms like SEO, and SEM can be complex to differentiate. With the advancement of SEO marketing and advertising, driving the audience to targeted pages is becoming important. Along with the optimization of products and pages, increasing traffic and visibility becomes equally important.

SEO in simpler terms is solely focused on maximizing the audience through organic results. SEM is a form of internet marketing to increase the market visibility of the page that uses optimization and advertising tactics. Clearly, SEO is its component and both should work hand-in-hand.

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Over the years, this term is now commonly defined as a special paid search-focused practice of digital marketing. When your business enters into this phase, you come across platforms like Google Adwords and Bing Ads that use CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay Per Click) formats as their inputs.

PPC is basically a method in digital marketing that direct traffic towards the targeted websites and pages. It’s a system in which advertisers pay money to search engines like Google, Yahoo or others to promote their products or services. But they are paid only when the advertisement is ‘clicked’. In short, they are the paid listings which help to generate traffic for your product or service.

Why Use a Structured PPC Campaign for Your Business?

SEM, PPC, and SEO, together can do wonders for your business or can turn it into a lost game. You can either rely on paid searches (PPC) or on organic searches (SEO) for traffic generation. Using both is certainly a favourable option.

Firstly, you need to know that in a PPC model, an advertiser which is you, in this case, bids a certain amount of money to the service engine providers for advertising the products or services. Your products are advertised on these search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. It’s one of the easiest methods to buy visits for your business. Whenever users perform a search on the keywords, search engines display advertiser’s product or service in form of sponsored links. Advertisers have to pay every time the user clicks on the sponsored link. That is how the term “Pay Per Click” was coined. Think organic searches as simple “visibility” while paid searches as “laser-targeted visibility”.

Can you now imagine what this “laser targeted visibility” can do for your business?

Pay Per Click & Search Engine Marketing Services

Ready to use PPC and SEM for Your Business? Check Out What TRICKC & Their SEM & PPC Services offer:

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  • Agile: Got new ideas, or adding data? Getting on-the-spot results is quick with our tailored PPC
  • Improved ads: PPC ads have granular control and more space to deliver your ads.
  • Visual product ads: Some search engines let you display visual shopping ads that can improve the click-through rate as users are attracted easily to visuals.
  • Higher page rankings: One of the best advantages of using paid search is users cannot ignore your ads, even if they simply scroll down your ads.
  • Brand visibility: Using paid search ads, gets your business noticed by the right people. Even if they don’t visit your page, still your brand is visible to them.
  • Cost effective: Apart from sticking to your budget, a well-managed PPC Campaign can generate more sales even with low-cost.
  • A/B Testing: Where to place CTAs? What should be the LP? Everything can be easily determined using well-maintained PPC Campaign.
  • Increased ROI: Paid searches tend to have a lower impact due to changes in the market, providing the stability that helps to increase ROI over time.


It’s not as simple as jamming two keywords together and creating one or two ads. Do you know that title and meta tags alone can generate high click-through rates with ‘right’ keywords? Of course, it’s a simple science of SEM that works on the search engines. Whether you’re new to the SEO, looking for experts, or don’t have enough time to handle the strenuous process, TRICKC Digital Marketing Company can help you boost your business in effective ways. Talk to us and we’ll be more than happy to develop and discuss your SEM & PPC Campaign Strategy right away!

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