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1. Introductiona. This document shall dictate all User’s use of trickc.com (“Website”).

b. This Document shall be considered as part of the Terms of Service. Usage of any of Our Services shall be deemed to be an agreement to this Disclaimer.

c. By using Our Website, you are accepting this Disclaimer in full. If you are conflicted with this Disclaimer or any part of it, you must straightaway stop use of our website.

d. Our Website uses cookies in accordance with the terms of our privacy policy and by using our website and/or agreeing to this Disclaimer, you consent to Our use of cookies.

2. Intellectual Property notice

Conditional upon the precise provisions of this Disclaimer:

a. All the trademark, material and other intellectual property rights in Our Website are owned and controlled by us; and

b. All the intellectual property rights and material in Our Website are reserved.

3. License to use Website

a. You may:

i. View pages from Our Website using legal software by means of appropriate devices;

ii. For caching in a web browser, download pages from our website; and

iii. Print pages from our website, conditional on the other sections of this Disclaimer.

b. Unless deliberately permitted by any portion of the Disclaimer, you cannot move or save any material from Our website to Your computer.

c. You shall only use Our Website for Your own personal purposes, and not for any other purposes.

d. Unless you own or control the appropriate rights in the material, you must not:

i. Display any material from Our Website in public;

ii. Imitate material from Our Website (including republication on another website);

iii. Misuse material from Our Website for commercial purposes; or

iv. Sell or lease or rent material from this Site;

v. Redistribute material from Our Website.

e. We have the exclusive right to impede entry to Our website, at our discretion; you must not dodge or circumvent, or try to dodge or circumvent, any admission curb measures on Our Website.

4. Limited Warranties

a. We do not warrant or represent:

i. the comprehensiveness or exactness of the information published on Our Website;

ii. the accuracy of data, blogs, content published by other companies, guest authors and /or any other agencies on Our Website;

iii. that the material on the Website is up to date; or

iv. that the Website or any service on the Website will remain available.

b. The information provided is for your reference only. The website shall not be responsible or liable for the correctness, usefulness or availability of the information and shall not be accountable or liable for any discussions made based on such information.

c. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to terminate or alter any or all of Our Website services, and to stop / discontinue publishing Our website, at any time without notice or clarification; and save to the scope intentionally/ deliberately provided in this Disclaimer, you will not be eligible to any reparation or other payment upon the termination or modification of any website services, or if we stop dissemination.

d. To the highest degree permitted by any pertinent law and subject to Section 5 of this Disclaimer, we eliminate all representations and warranties in connection with the subject matter of this Disclaimer, Our website and the use of Our Website.

e.Further We will not be answerable for abusive, upsetting, nasty, obscene or any other such content posted by Users. Such contents may be flagged to Our team who shall review the content according to Our policy.

5. Limits and specific disclaiming of liability

a. Nothing in this document shall:

i. constraint or release any accountability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation;

ii. constraint any accountability in any way that is not legitimate under any applicable law; or

iii. eliminate any liabilities that might not have ben barred under applicable law.

b. The bounds and omissions of Company’s accountability set out in this article 5 and anywhere else in this Disclaimer:

i. shall be in accordance with Section 5(a); and

ii.control any and all responsibility result from under this Disclaimer or in connection with substance of this Disclaimer, including liability occurring in ay area of law or for contravention of legislative duty, except to the degree explicitly provided in this Disclaimer.

c. To the degree the Site and the data and services are provided without a charge, we shall not be answerable for any sort of losses/damage/injury.

d. We are not to be held accountable to any User in respect of any loss or damage arising out of any event/s beyond Our reasonable control.

e. We are not to be held accountable to You in respect of any business injuries, including but not limited to loss of or impairment to revenue, use, profit, production, predicted savings, commerce, contracts, commercial opportunities or goodwill.

f. We are not to be held accountable to You in respect of any loss or exploitation of any data, database or software.

g. We are not to be held accountable to You in respect of any unique, incidental or significant loss or damage.

h. You accept that We have an interest in controlling the individual accountability of the Company officers and employees. Pursuant to that concern, You acknowledge that we are a limited liability entity. Hence, you additionally consent that You shall not create any individual charge against the Company officers or employee about any losses/ damage that you suffer in connection with the website.

6. Variation

a. We may alter this Disclaimer from time to time, as we see fit, and you may or might not be notified of the same.

b. The revised Disclaimer shall apply to the use of our website from the time of its publication on the website.

7. Severability

a. If a court or any other competent body concludes any section/provision of this Disclaimer to be illegitimate or not valid, it will not affect other sections – all other provisions shall stay in effect and remain valid.

b. If any illegitimate or untenable provision of this Disclaimer can be considered lawful/enforceable if a segment of it was deleted, then that segment shall be regarded as removed, and the remainder of the provision shall remain as effective.