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TRICKC’s Citation & Cleanup Services is all
Your Business Needs to Boost Local Search Engine Ranking

Have you been late in catching up with the Citation and Cleanup Services as a part of your SEM campaign? Or never heard of it? If you haven’t yet thought about it, it’s time to do that!

What is Citation Service?

Citations are references or mentions of your business on other websites. They simply specify your name (N), address (A), phone number (P), website (W), URL (U), etc. as online references. These online links help the search engines to connect with your business. A local citation consists of NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number). Mentioning of these citations in the form of NAP, NAPW, UNAP, etc., helps you get credits on the search engines.

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These citations or links need not direct them to your business. A simple citation is useful to increase the visibility of your business on search engines. Hence, whenever you make any changes in your business, it’s important to update your citations as well. This is where Citation Services come into the picture.

Sounds easy, right? Getting local citations also means having inconsistent citations or wrong citations. Your business is dynamic, but citations are static. They need to be cleaned and redirected to the “correct” combinations. You know that each correct NAP combination means one vote to your local ranking. With incorrect NAP combinations, where will these votes lead? You’ll lose votes! Instead, let us aid you. We offer Citation & Cleanup Services as a part of our other SEO Services.

How does Citation Service Help Your Business?

SEO works on various complex algorithms and citations are important parts of these algorithms. A factor that helps determine these search engines where to rank your business online. More citations in local means higher rankings on local businesses.

Here, you need to note that not all citations are equal. Some citations from reputed sites have more weight than the local citation. But you can’t ignore the local citations too as they help increase ranking among local business communities. Hence, it’s wise to keep a check on both.

LOCAL SEO Services & Citation
Citation & Clean up Services

What About Cleanup Service? Is It Any Good?

Sure, cleaning and fixing citations is tedious and time-consuming. A bad SEO technique can lead you to penalties, which can affect you from providing services or products to your audience via search engines.

Now you know why citations are necessary and why cleaning the inaccurate ones can raise your rankings.

What do TRICKC Citation & Cleanup Services Offer?

Cleanup Services:

  • Citation Consistency: If you’re now aware of citations, you would know that it’s important for your listings to appear on most crucial websites in the local search engine. Hence, you don’t want to provide inconsistent data to these sites, that can hugely impact the visibility of your business.
  • Detect bad links: Generating accurate citations are not enough to keep your ranking consistent on search engines. There are bad links following your business, and you need to cut them out from your business.
  • Removing duplicates: Do you know that there can be plenty duplicate citations of your business? Our experts will help you find and remove them.
  • Update inconsistent citations: Once you’ve searched and marked all the inconsistent citations, you’ll want to convert them into an accurate citation leading more votes to your business.

Citation Services:

  • Verification and trust: Search engines verify the existence of your business. Under our SEO & SEM Campaign, you will be guided to add create authority and help in establishing a trust. This is important to let your audience know that your business, service or product is legitimate.
  • Increase visibility: The more places your business gets displayed, more prominent your business appears on Google. There’s a way to show your business as popular among locals. Contact us to know how!
  • Citation Audit: As mentioned earlier, all citations are not similar. Different techniques help our experts to track and repair the incorrect ones after auditing.


We do all this for you so that you get more time for your business and audience. And there are much more advantages of joining TRICKC Digital Marketing Company! Call us or drop a mail any time to get the best Citation & Cleanup Services.

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