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We, TRICKC Digital Marketing LLP (hereinafter referred to as “Firm/LLP”), a limited liability partnership firm, having its registered at New Town Action Area-III, New Town, Kolkata-700135, West Bengal, India, has crafted this document to confirm the Firm’s promise to respect your privacy and protect User’s information.To give you non-stop access to the Website and our services, we might have to gather some data and in certain instances, even reveal that data.

You, as a visitor to (Website) are counseled to make sure that you have read and comprehended Policy cautiously, since you are agreeing to be lawfully bound by these provisions. Therefore,
If there is anything you don’t agree with in this document, please stop using this website immediately.

In case you have any queries in connection with this website or policy, you can write to us at

  1. Overview

We pledge to respecting your online privacy data. Additionally, we appreciate that You expect suitable protection and professional handling of any uniquely distinguishable data (“Personal Information“) that you might disclose to us.

Moreover, please be warned that this Policy will be applicable to information that we may gather those who are not registered on the Site, that includes but is not limited to, surfing behavior, pages seen etc.

  1. Information We Collect

Our site’s online requisition form requires users to give us contact information (like your name, address, telephone number and email address), and location, etc. If you wish to be a member of the Site, you will need to provide a valid contact number and email. We may access your most recent web activity and IP address as well.

  • To correspond with you and deliver our services to You and for customer support to you;
  • To maintain high standard security and obey all legislations and rules.

We may tie up with other third party provider(s) to ensure certain services are delivered to you. If you happen to request such a service, you must understand that we may have to reveal some of your information/data to these partners.

We may also make use of your information to develop and better our own services and business in general. If at all you choose to submit any payment or financial information relating to bank account, netbanking, debit or credit cards or billing address, we will do our best to keep all such data safe and encrypted using the best technology and practice available.

However, you are or must be aware that conducting any type of transaction on the Internet has intrinsic perils. Some of these are only prevented by the User observing high safety practices like not disclosing account credentials to any person and getting in touch with us if you observe any strange activity in connection with you account.

  1. How Information Is Collected

Typically, we only collect and store unique information of Users in order to achieve the purpose we have specified and ancillary reasons. As far as reasonably possible, we will try and let you know why we need the information we are asking from you.

Additionally, we promise to collect any unique data through legal and just methods. As far as reasonably possible, the gathering of data will be done with the User’s knowledge and approval.

In some parts of the Site, Users may find links to other websites. We do not operate, recommend or control the contents of these sites. We cannot be held answerable if you choose to click on these links and access those sites and any resulting injury.

  1. Cookies

We use tools called “cookies” and various types of cookies to gather and store data about Users. We will use the information gathered in the manner we have laid out herein.

You have the option of blocking cookies by changing your browser settings, but please be cautioned that if you do so, some aspects of our Website may not work as well.

  1. Confidentiality

Additionally, you recognize that there may be some information on the Site, which we designate as confidential and private. You may not divulge any such information without our written advance permission.

Similarly, your data will be considered as confidential in general and we will not reveal it to anyone, except when we are lawfully mandated to do so.

  1. Our Disclosure of Your Information

We will not be able to control your personal information at all times, due to the regulatory requirements. For instance, we may be mandatorily required to divulge data to the law enforcement organizations or the government.

You also appreciate that despite our best efforts to prevent such an occurrence, a third party might illegally capture your data or private messages from our Site.

We may reveal your unique data to: law enforcement agencies to cooperate with any investigation or action; our parent or subsidiary business units who will take the same precautions as us to keep this data safe; any service providers we have tied up with, to deliver services.

  1. Control of Your Password

When you register on the Site, you may be asked to create an account and pick a password. You are solely responsible to protect and not reveal this password to anyone. You also must not use anybody else’s account credentials to access the website. Your account will be your online identity on the site and you will be answerable for all activities on your account and hence must take measures to ensure your password is protected.

Please let us know if you think your accounts is being misused or accessed by someone else.

  1. Security

We value unique information about our Users and constantly strive to protect it. We use various safety and security tools and practices to protect our site and Your data.

We caution you not to share any sensitive data through our site, including banking details, passwords and other similar data, in order to limit any risk of exposure.

  1. Disclaimer

We are not able to protect your unique data at all times, although we are fully committed to trying to keep such data secure. Hence, we cannot promise that your data will be safe at all times and you should not expect such protection.

You understand and acknowledge that you will be solely answerable for your activities on the Website.

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