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Aged Domain Selling Services

There are copious Aged Domain Selling Services on the internet. But you know, it’s hard to find the legit ones. They promise you moon and stars but never give your desired results. Here, at TRICKC, everything is real and we never hesitate to let you know if you don’t need our service. Want to dig deep on Aged Domain Selling Services? Let’s begin:


What is Aged Domain?

Aged Domain Selling Services

An “aged domain” as it says, is an expired domain. They’re the ones which are not renewed. There can be many reasons for this. Either the domain owner forgot to renew or might have some issues for not renewing it. In such scenario, the domain registrar puts the domain into auction after giving 30 day renewal period to the owner.

If the owner fails to pay within this time frame, the registrar has full authority to declare it as “expired” or “aged” domain, and thus, will place the domain on the auction. Likewise, the higher bid wins that “expired” or “aged” domain.

Thousands and millions of expired domains are auctioned every day around the globe. Most of them are bought for the domain flipping business, which has pretty good returns.

What Are the Benefits of Buying or Selling an Aged Domain?

There can be thousands of reasons to buy or sell a domain. If you’re planning to purchase a new domain, it’s a fair and simple game. But, when it comes to buying or selling an aged domain, a lot of work needs to be done. Foremost, let’s take a look what are the advantages of buying a domain at auctions:

  • You can find that “perfect” brand name for your business, even if someone had owned it.
  • Buying aged domain means having better authority
  • With existing search rankings of the domain, it becomes easy to promote
  • Already have domain ranks due to relevant keywords
  • Which also means there is already a traffic flow
  • And this can help to promote your business to existing visitors and increase citation flow
Aged Domain Selling Services by TRICKC

What Does Aged Domain Selling Service Do?

Expired domains are in demand due to their age, which may or may not have good ranking in SEO . But, there are various factors like DA/PA, linkability, poor content, indexing, backlinks, etc. that decide whether the expired domain is worthy of buying. If buying and selling an expired domain can be a pain for you, it’s better to hire an expert like us who can help you in Aged Domain Selling Services.

Domain Selling Services

Why Should You Hire a Professional Aged Domain Selling Service Company?

As we mentioned earlier, selling and buying expired or aged domains has its own market. Either you buy it for personal or commercial use, or buy it as an investment. Likewise, selling an expired domain also generates great profit.

Millions of expired domains are auctioned daily. Just like TRICKC Digital Marketing Company, every SEO expert, and online businesses look for trusted domains for their projects.

Buying an aged domain requires lengthy and precise research. TRICKC Aged Domain Selling Service can help you at:

  • Save time and money, which you would otherwise spend to start from scratch
  • Help you find a “perfect brandable” domain
  • Targeted search
  • Advanced filters and algorithms for enhanced search results
  • Full insight with domain lookup, winning price for bidding, age and number of bids
  • Clean and spam free domain
  • Premium domains at great price
  • Editorial backlinks from reputed sources for higher authority
  • Low Alexa rank
  • Find parked domain
  • Track domain progress

and more.

With the advancement of technology, we’ll continue to add new services to this list.At the TRICKC digital marketing company, we have the best domains with high authority links. Our domains have backlink profiles, which are as solid as a stone and have links with some of the biggest players in the room like Techcrunch, Forbes, BBC, CNN, NewYork Times and many more. It is also important to keep in mind the difference between an aged domain and an aged domain name which has been indexed by Google as only the latter one is considered worthy and of extreme importance.


Of course, you can do this without us. But why take a risk? Whether you’re a newbie or a professional, you would face obstacles and spend great amount of energy on buying and selling aged domains. Why not leave the tough part on us?

Do you know that most of the domain registrar provides minimum information on expired domains? And that can be pretty hard for you make a right decision.

TRICKC Digital Marketing Company aids you in interaction with auctions to make the tedious process simple, easy and convenient. When you’ve got us with you, you’re sure to get in-depth SEO metrics like DA (Domain Authority), TF (Trust Flow), DR (Domain Rating), PA (Page Authority), etc., of any domain on sale. Call us or drop a query to get your first domain!

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