AMAZON A10 Algorithm Updates & Its Effect Over Sale Page

Amazon A10 Update has taken a new avatar and was a blow to most of the sellers. Even the ones with higher conversion rates witnessed a staggering fall in sales after the Amazon A10 Algorithm Update. You’ve already spent a lot on Amazon SEO and this update is not helping you at all. So, can this news turn into a not-so-bad news? Yes! But, before you ask how, let’s take a quick look at this latest Amazon update:

What is Amazon A10?

Some of us are already dealing with the A10 Algo update, while some of us are yet to launch our first product or service on Amazon. For those new to the Amazon SEO industry, the Amazon A10 algorithm is a type of formula that determines how and what products get shown when people are searching on Amazon. Sounds familiar?

What makes Amazon Algorithm Different from Other Search Engines?

Surely, the Amazon SEO look and work similar to Google or Yahoo searches. But, one must understand that Amazon is a “buying” platform and hence, is different from other search engines. It uses its own algorithm that helps consumers in product search. This helps Amazon to rank different companies and their products on the site. Which in turn, tells us that algorithm is the prime key to determine which sellers would be displayed to the customers on the product page. So, now you know why Amazon Algorithm is important in Sales Page.

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So, What Does an Amazon SEO Service Provider Do?

The more people your product or service can get in front of, the more sales you can get. And that’s when Amazon SEO Services can rescue you. An expert Amazon SEO Service provider aids in identifying those variables that help you to get noticed on Amazon within limited time and targeted area. You might not know how and where on Amazon Algorithm, but they do. In short, they help you get the best of your investment!

How does Amazon Algorithm Work?

The algorithm allows you to make better decisions. And with recent Amazon updates, it can be difficult to get your product listed. Amazon sets a very high standard, but if you can understand them and work on it, it shouldn’t be difficult for your business.

For some of us, Amazon Algorithm can be like a popularity contest.  Right from how you upload your product to the product’s reviews, everything is under the radar. With more than 200 variables to add in your product, it can be overwhelming to make your products ranked into top five.

Think of the algorithm as a large chunk of file filled with different information about a product. Each of the data filled by the seller can affect  the product’s ranking.

Search terms or keywords, content, seller metrics, feedback, reviews, order defect rates, FBA, back-end search terms, everything is taken as input into the Amazon algorithm. And then, the algorithm lets you know where your product ranks (on the Amazon).

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What is the Amazon A10 Update?

From stay-at-home moms to major brands in the game, Amazon provides a great opportunity for business. When it comes to business, some sellers have no problem in violating ethics or moral codes. Fake reviews, fake seller accounts, everything were becoming common on Amazon. As a result, Amazon makes frequent changes in its algorithm that helps them to search and remove fake or fraudulent sellers on the site. It can be frustrating at times, but helpful mostly.

The Amazon A10 Algorithm update is all about Black Hat methods like Reviews, votes , fake sales , fake purchase using GV etc. Yes, this means you should “avoid Black Hat” methods that are unsafe working systems. And if you continue to work with these methods, most likely you’ll get penalized permanently by Amazon. Thanks to Amazon A10 Algorithm update,  sellers with fake purchases and reviews, will be under the curb now.

Hence, before starting to work on your product or service Sales Page, make sure your Amazon SEO Service provider is fully aware of the Amazon A10 Algorithm update. And helps you to get to the top with genuine sales. Contact us for a more detailed discussion. TRICKC Amazon Onsite & Amazon Offsite SEO services are here to help you over this.

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