A Comprehensive Guide to Off-Page SEO Techniques 2020

If you are looking to get more traffic from Google, this blog post is for you. It is critical to keep track of how search engines change their way of ranking websites. 2020 is going to be another exciting year for marketers as they will continue to explore the latest SEO techniques in 2020 to dominate SERP and get more traffic to their sites.

What are off Page SEO techniques

Off-page SEO is a set of various tactics that mostly use content and links to optimize your online and offline digital footprint. Positive brand mentions, relationships, and conversations are key parts of an effective off-page SEO strategy. If you think SEO is all about doing some on-site activities, think again.

Not paying due attention to off-site optimization is like building an incredible business which is almost disconnected to the outer world. Here are some of the proven off-page SEO techniques that will help you rank better in 2020:


  1. Link Building

While having links on other websites is useful in building brand authority and repute, not all backlinks are equal in terms of value. When a reputable website link to your content, it advocates your authenticity and relevance. Google puts great emphasis on high-quality links. In 2020 and beyond, you’re going to need such recommendations from well-established sites in order to rank high in the SERP.

So, don’t just focus on earning links, try to earn links that matter. Good off-page SEOand overall authority of sites that are linking to your content are some of the factors you should go after. Also, links from sites that are most relevant to your business carry more value. Search engines are getting smarter and smarter every passing year. Therefore, it is not advisable to waste your energies in deceiving them, instead focus on long-term, authentic SEO practices.

  1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another great off-page SEO activity that will pay off in 2020 and beyond. First of all, create great blog posts and have them published on influential sites to quickly boost your SEO results. Some sites will allow you to have one or two links back to your site which will help you improve your reputation in the eyes of Google and other search engines. You can start by exploring the sites that are not only authoritative but also relate to your industry. Search out sites where you can find your audience and try to publish your content there.

  1. Develop Social Media Profiles and Business Directories

After fulfilling all the on-site SEO requirements, the next step should be to build out the business directory and create profiles on all the relevant social media channels. By doing so, you will be able to get your business found in directory searches and social media appearances.

Social media is a great opportunity to establish your digital footprints. If you are running a brick-and-mortar business, it is necessary to create a Google My Businesspage to get found for rich result in searches. Google takes these placements seriously and uses them to determine the reputation of your site.

While Google continues to deny the significance of social media as a direct ranking factor, having an effective social media presence will help you build relationships with your customers and drive brand awareness. It might not have a direct impact on your SEO results, but it is important to have a sound social presence in today’s competitive environment.

  1. Commenting/ Answering on Quora

Some of the most renown SEO experts like Neil Patel and Rand Fishkin uses answering platforms such as Quora to drive visibility and improve off-page optimization. To start with, create a great profile in Quora   and start following topics that are relevant to your industry. You can ask questions as well as answer relevant questions.

However, if your objective is to build authority, then it’s advisable to write answers. If you write helpful content that truly guides the audience, you’re likely to get plenty of exposure. Here are some tips to effectively use Quora as an SEO gold mine:

  • Only answer those questions that are relevant to your industry in order to show your expertise. Build trust so that people can request you to answer their questions.
  • When your answers get upvotes, your answers can be picked by Google and shown in the search results.
  • Provide reliable solutions and use Quora as a long-term strategy to drive traffic. Good answers with links to your site can generate a great amount of traffic.
  • Learn from people who have already established themselves as an authority on Quora.

Quora will continue to be an effective SEO technique in 2020. So, explore the platform and make good use of it.

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  1. Start Creating Videos

Visual content is soaring in popularity every year, especially video content that provides easy to understand and exciting information. It might be confusing for you to figure out how creating videos can help you with off-page SEO. Video submission is a great way to build your authority and rankings.

You need to create great videos and have them publish on Youtube. Do you know Google shows videos in search results? Links you get from Youtube video descriptions are so beneficial for your off-page SEO efforts. While it requires time and constant efforts to build subscribers and followers on youtube, be creative and patient to quickly grow your popularity.

  1. Infographic Submissions

The use of infographics is one of the most recent off-page SEO techniques that you can use to boost your online marketing efforts. People love to consume content through visuals such as infographics and images. If you haven’t yet focused on creating visuals for marketing purpose, 2020 is surely the right time to do so.

Create informative infographics and post them on social media. You can also use them in your Quora answering activities. Off course, your website should use infographics to communicate slightly complicated information. You can also incorporate your logo into your infographics to promote your brand.

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2020 is another exciting year when marketers and businesses will witness some tremendous changes in the way Google ranks websites. Follow these off-page SEO techniques 2020 to produce incredible results for your business. Just remember one thing: when you produce content that people like and love to share, Google is going to reward you. So, whether it is off-page or on-page optimization, focus on creating valuable and helpful content to perform better.

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