SEO Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Videos – How To Generate More Views ?


Every day, about 5 billon videos are watched on YouTube , but how do you ensure your video is amongst them? Posting a video is one thing, but making sure it is viewed by people is a totally different thing. Many people are unaware of the important factors that affect the rank of a YouTube video in search results. We will decipher the complexities involved in developing a good SEO strategy for your YouTube videos. The elements that affect your video’s rank and how to take advantage of them will be explained, providing you with more than enough information to put your video at the fore front of things.

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Tips on how to Optimize YouTube Video SEO

There are several factors that matter when looking to optimize your YouTube video for SEO. These factors are often overlooked, but they form the backbone of YouTube’s ranking system. Tips on how to use these factors and how to use them to your benefit are explained below:

  • Give appropriate title of Video: The title of a video is very important as it represents all about the video. The title is what users see when they search for your video, hence it is only logical that you give them an appropriate title. Having a title that suits the content of your video is not only relevant to the user, but also to the YouTube SEO algorithm. You can use the YouTube autocomplete feature to find out what people often search for when looking for content related to your video, and create a suitable title from that.
  • Give Video File appropriate name before uploading: Giving your file name a suitable title before uploading is key to improving YouTube SEO. A suitable file name related to your focused keyword will help the YouTube algorithm properly index your video.
  • Use Closed Caption for your Video: Use the closed caption feature on your video which will show the text over video, helping the viewer and the YouTube algorithm understand your video content better. Closed Captions give YouTube a new way to index your video into the search engine.
  • Research relevant Keywords: You need to research relevant keywords that are related to your video content. Again, you can make use of the YouTube autocomplete feature to determine this. Knowing the right keywords to focus on is one of the most important aspects of YouTube video SEO.
  • Get Views from respected Communities/Websites: Getting views from respected communities and websites like Quora, etc., will give your videos a vote of confidence, thus causing the YouTube algorithm to rank you high.

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  • Create a good Video Description: A video description explains what your video is all about. Effort should be put into writing your video description, such that all the focused keywords are mentioned. The length of the video description should not be so short.
  • Quality of Video Matters: The quality of your video plays a role in determining your rank. A look at first page video results on YouTube reveals that many of them are HD videos.
  • Video Tags are important: Video tags are important and they should be enriched with your focused keywords. Ensure to list specific and general keywords as tags, as well as misspellings of these keywords.
  • Length of Video matters: The average length of first page result YouTube videos search results is well over 14 minutes. This means your video should be of a considerable length if you want to rank very high.
  • Encourage Comments, Shares, Subscriptions and Likes: A high number of comments, shares, subscriptions and likes indicate that people love and engage with your video. This represents a vote of confidence, so the YouTube video will reward you with a high ranking.


There is so much potential to harness from YouTube, but all of this will depend on your ability to get your videos to rank up high. Video is largely touted to be the future of marketing, as 6 in 10 people prefer online video platforms, like YouTube, to TV. Using the SEO for YouTube video optimization outlined in this article will ensure the over 1billion people on YouTube find your videos easily when searching for them.  To get more information over YouTube Video Optimization Contact – TRICKC Digital Marketing.

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