Top Four Engagement Marketing Metrics Techniques of 2020


If you are reading this article, you probably want to know the engagement market metrics and how to improve them. Many people may not value engagement as part of the things that can make a business successful. Truth to be told that engagement is crucial to ensure the success of business because customers’ behavior changes with real time. Engagement metrics does not only tell you the needs of the customers, but it also allows you to predict the best way to improve your customers’ experience.

This article will discuss top four engagement metrics that are essential in determining the success of your marketing strategies and provide recommendations on how to improve each metric.

  1. Target Audience

This metric is also referred to as content reach. After writing a good piece of content, you probably want the information to reach as many people as possible, within a short period. Anytime you promote your content online, the number of people reached is an indication of how your marketing tactics are performing.

There are a few factors that you can use to measure content reach.

Unique Users:

You can measure this by using the cookies by observing the content reach within 30 days. This is the simplest way you can use to measure content reach.

Geographical Location:

Knowing the location where the majority of the people are consuming your content will help to customize your content and minimize your marketing budget.

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You need to know what device your readers are using; is it mobile or desktop. Knowing the device that is commonly used to read your content will help you are customizing a user-friendly design. Studies show that majority of the people access online information through smartphones. Having a design that is user-friendly for both phones and desktops is an added advantage.

How Can You Increase Content Reach?

One of the ways of increasing your content reach is by running paid ads promotion across social media platforms. The most popular social platforms to sponsor your ads include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. When it comes to social media advertising, the paid promotion will earn your more reach. Also, you can identify micro-influencers on social media that are relevant to your products to increase the level of reach. These micro-influencers include celebrities and influential individuals that have a huge number of followers.

  1. Scroll Depth and Time on Page

You desire that people get to read your content online. However, reading through your content may take more than eight minutes while people spend a few minutes on your page. This is a common challenge for many individuals who are selling content on the online platforms like blogs and website.

The good news is that Google Analytics metric will help you know the average time spend by users on your page. It will calculate for you the time spends by individuals visiting your website and how far they scroll through the content. Scroll depth can be misleading at times because some users scroll your content as they decide whether to read or not. With the Chrome extension of Google Analytics, you will be able to measure the metrics of your content.

How will You Boost Your Content Engagement?

There are high chances of converting visitors into potential customers once the traffic is high. Remember that not all visitors are interested in buying your products, some may be your competitors.

Content is king in marketing. Use Google Analytics to know the pages that have a low traffic and compare with those that have high traffic. Utilize images and videos on your content to capture the eye of a person until the end of the content. Research shows that people today prefer watching videos and images rather than reading through the content. For this reason, YouTube has become a number one platform for marketers. You can introduce a short video and integrate it into your content.

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  1. Social Comments Versus Conversion Rate

Social media will always provide you with the number of views or reach once you boost your post. Another way of knowing the rate of reach is by checking the number of comments received. Comments are a significant indicator to help you in measuring conversion rate. Not all people who comment on your content will turn into potential customers. However, you should know that the more the comments, the higher the conversion rate. You will be able to know whether your content is interesting to your targeted audience or it should be adjusted. If your post will stir up discussions, it is an indication that it is interesting.

How Can You Increase the Conversion Rate?

First things first, your content should be interesting to your audience to increase discussions and comments from the viewers. You need to answer a few questions to ensure that your content will stir up discussions. What is interesting about your content? Is there any title that will be attractive to the readers? What topics does your targeted audience love? You can use the Unmetrics Discover tool to find out the most common comments to find out what is interesting.

  1. Branding

Brand awareness is a crucial factor in every business. It appears to be a simple term, but it determines the success of your business. You can measure your brand awareness by checking the query database to find out an estimate of people who are searching for your brand name. Other indicators for measuring your brand awareness is by checking social mentions, inbound links and public reviews on sites such as GetApp and Trustpilot.

How to Increase Brand Awareness

The growth of your brand awareness will depend on how much content you generate. Sponsoring adverts on social media will increase brand awareness because more people will be reached by your content. Facebook Ads and Google’s display network will help you know the number of people who visit your site. You need to have interesting and useful content to boost your brand awareness.


Marketing metrics are core in measuring the success of your marketing efforts. You need always to get your audience discussing your content and providing you with feedback. Nurture your audience by increasing content on a platform that they are readily available. The good news is that Google provides you with platforms to measure content reach and to know what people are talking about. Make continuous improvements in your content to increase brand awareness.

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