A Quick SEO Guide in 2020

Are you still wondering how to ace your online business with SEO?

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization and involves various activities to help in improving your search engine rankings. Any web page has the potential of gaining high ranks in Google if search engine optimization is done right. There have been changes in the SEO activities because of the changing technology in search engines.

This guide will give you the latest guide and tips on how to ace your SEO game.

1. RankBrain Technique

This is the most recent SEO method that was announced by Google as an important factor in web page ranking. RankBrain has become a crucial factor that is determining the ranking of search results in search engines. The Rank Brain is a learning system machines that assists in sorting of search results by measuring the interaction between search results and users. RankBrain technique takes account of what links most users click after the search results are displayed on the search engine. If the majority of the people are clicking on the third search, the web page is likely to gain a high ranking.

RankBrain Technique - TRICKC

Consequently, if users are clicking on the first ranked search and bounce back within a few seconds because the link has no enough information or does not satisfy their search needs, Google drops down in the search engine rankings. In simpler terms, this RankBrain technique focuses on the time users spent on your web page and the number of people clicking your webpage. If you want to increase the number of clicks and dwell time, it is important to have relevant and captivating content that will keep the users on your page.

2. You will need to Master organic CTR to become the best SEO expert in 2020

Google research results are already flooded with organic results, Ads, images, and videos. However, you need to have content that is outstanding and enticing to attract more clicks. To achieve this, you will need to use the click magnet method. First, you will need to find the relevant Adwords ads for your keyword and use it to generate relevant content. This is because Google will always surface search results that have many clicks because it is a sign that many people want to see it. Alternatively, if your page gets fewer clicks, Google will drop down your rank.

Second, you will need to include phrases and words from the Adwords ads in your description tag and title. After finding out the most used phrases and words in your title, you will need to include them in your title and description tag. This will definitely boost your rank in the search results. After applying the first and the second step, you should start enjoying more clicks and your rankings will start improving. This is what is referred to as organic CTR and will boost your web pages ranking.

3. Content is King in SEO

One of the reasons as to why individuals will be attracted to your web pages is having the best content. Google measures the context and content in your web pages to determine your ranking. Covering your content in-depth will help in achieving high ranks. Remember the RankBrain technique that Google uses to measure dwell time and the number of clicks. The dwell time can be minimal, especially if your web pages have little or no relevant content on the topic. Google also considers the length of the article and ranks longer and detailed content higher than short articles. Make sure always to use LSI keywords and phrases that are commonly associated with your topic.

4. SEO is not complete without the making your website Mobile Friendly

Due to the increased number of users who access the internet through the mobile phones, Google is aiming at using the Mobile-first index to increase the ranking of mobile-friendly websites. It is going to be a major problem with web pages that cannot be accessed through the mobile phone. Mobile versions are being considered as the real version because of the increasing number of users using their mobile to search for content on the internet. Ensure your design is 100% responsive to the mobile devices as well as on the desktop. The more your web pages are mobile friendly, the more you get more users visiting your link, and it will boost the traffic. You can always use the Mobile-Friendly Test Tool provided by Google to check if your website is mobile-friendly.



5. Using Videos is a Good SEO Techniques

The online world today is obsessed with videos and research project that by 2021, videos will be contributing to 80% of all the online traffic. If you have not yet started creating video content on your web pages, you are probably missing out on increasing traffic. YouTube has become the 2nd largest search engine because of the massive visits from users. Many people prefer watching a simple YouTube tutorial rather than reading an article on the same tutorial. If you want to increase traffic to your website in 2020, it is important for you to begin optimizing content for YouTube. It is less likely for users to ignore watching a video. Hence, you will attract many users, and you will generate great numbers of people visiting your website and boost your Google ranking. Considering the fact that Google owns YouTube, creating more YouTube content will surface your search results at the top of the list.

6. Voice Search SEO Technique

Voice search is the upcoming big thing in Google search. Research shows that the voice search technology is really growing fast among the internet users. 40% of adults use a voice search every day and 20% of mobile search are using voice searches. You can optimize your website by ensuring your content appears on the top search results. Use a simple snippet to entice users to click on your website and utilize active voice. In most instances, Google picks a page that contains a description that has a question and an answer. Voice search optimization will help you in becoming an SEO expert in 2020.

7. Links and Content is Key in SEO 

Links will help your web pages to be ranked at the top in Google search engine. If your web pages do not appear on the first pages, RankBrain, Voice Search optimization, and Mobile friendly design may not be useful. Make sure that your content is customized by using organic optimization that is free. All these steps come I handy because none of them can work independently without involving the other. For example, if you have detailed content that is relevant to your topic, you will get more clicks and the dwelling time will increase. Google will use the RankBrain technique to boost your ranking to #1.

Rank Boosting System by TRICKC Digital Marketing Services


Use visual content like videos and images that are customized according to your content. Visual marketing is one of the ways of increasing traffic to your website. Search for the LSI keywords associated with your topic, use them in your content. Use well-researched content to increase dwell time and to encouraging more users to visit your website. Grow with the technology by using voice search optimization since it is going to be the next big thing in 2020. Finally, master the organic CTR by using the relevant Adwords Ads to increase traffic. Organic customization is one of the easiest ways of moving higher in the Google ranking. When you utilize these quick SEO guides, you will become 2020 SEO expert and boost your search engine rank.

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