9 Best Digital Marketing Methods of 2020 (2020 Digital Marketing)

9 Best Digital Marketing Methods of 2020

Are you aware of the best digital marketing methods of 2020? If not, here is an intensive analysis of the best digital marketing methods that will highly boost your business.

Digital marketing is more than INTERNET marketing because it uses platforms that do not require the INTERNET to advertise a product or a service. It utilizes the short message services (SMS) and multimedia services (MMS), as well as the search engine marketing, social media marketing, and other forms of digital marketing. Digital marketing is about meeting the targeted audience where they are mostly found.

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#1 Video is still the king in digital marketing

The love for people to watch video is here to stay. Therefore, there is no better way of passing a message to the audience than using a video. Video streaming has been made easy and accessible on You Tube, Facebook, and Instagram. Digital marketing involves running the video ads on different platforms as a marketing campaign. The most important aspect to consider about video ads is that they should be highly attractive and fun to attract as many people as possible.

#2 Digital marketing emails that are interactive

Interactive emails are convenient for customers because they allow the customer to interact with the email without going to another page. For instance, interactive emails allow the customers to choose the most preferred product and add it to the cart without opening other pages. This will add value to your company because of the ease of online shopping through the email inbox.

#3 The power of social media

Social media platforms have been exploding with popularity because billions and billions of people use social media every day. Therefore, you should not be stuck with the use of traditional methods like billboards and posters to reach the audience. Launching digital marketing campaigns on the social media platforms will reach billions of people every day.

#4 Mobile is making it big in digital marketing

The majority of the people in the world owns a smart phone as the primary device for communication. This means that you need to concentrate on marketing campaigns that are mobile friendly. Sites should also be optimized to become mobile friendly. In case you did not know, Google is demoting sites that have no or less mobile optimization.

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#5 The use of Human Intelligence (HI) in digital marketing

If you have an online business, you should never think twice when it comes to investing in technology and tools that enhance digital marketing. The human intelligence is highly beneficial to your business than ever before. It matches the customers’ needs and tries to understand the possible needs of the client. It helps in customizing product’s ads according to the needs of the customer.

#6 Involve Countdown Timer in Emails

Countdown timers increase the adrenaline of the customers and will convince them to take action before the time shuts down. The countdown could be on products that are on discount or a shopping voucher that is almost expiring. This digital marketing method helps to keep customers on the lookout for any possible offer.

#7 Automating digital marketing

The marketing automation technology is an exciting digital marketing tool that involves automated responses, automated marketing campaigns in social media and automated emails to motivate the customers to purchase products, especially those that are on discount. You can always use a CRM system that allows you to align the marketing campaigns.

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#8 Data-Driven Digital Marketing

Today, data is a crucial element in any business. Data provides with many opportunities and provides insights on the needs of the consumers. The success of digital marketing campaigns depends on how it makes the consumers feel valued by customizing products according to their needs.

#9 Use customer services on social media

The need for customer service has been there for many years. It is not a surprise it is among the best digital marketing methods. Social media is the most used platform by people across the world. Customers need to have their questions answered immediately on social media as compared to sending inquiry emails. Offering instant communication will help in turning more people into potential customers.


These are the best digital marketing methods that you need to incorporate into your business to attract potential customers. Mobile digital marketing, social media and use of videos are the key trends in 2020.

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