The Best Way to Use Google Trends for Search Engine Optimization


Google Trends was introduced in the online market in 2006 by the Google Company to assist users to know the most common phrases and keywords. This data is frequently updated depending on how frequently the phrases or keywords are used. From time to time, people change the phrases when searching for something on the internet; this is why it is important for you to know the best way of using Google Trends for effective SEO. Google Trends is an effective service that can be utilized in search engine optimization for effective results like getting your website to be highly ranked in Google search results.

For example, research shows that more parents will search for “Is my son gifted?” more than searching for “Is my daughter gifted?” this information can help you understand the needs and desires of people when they are searching for content on the internet. With this information from Google Trends, you will be able to use keywords and phrases that are most used by the targeted audience. You will also stay above your competitors. This explains why Google Trends remains to be valuable to many marketers. Today is the best time for you to review the powerful tools of SEO such as images and videos, as well as the Google Trends.

Here are the tips on how to effectively use Google Trends to boost your SEO techniques.


#1. Housekeeping

For starters, there are a few things that you need to know when dealing with data visualizations. Google provided the Google Trends data to help in comparing different visual data sets that are user-friendly. This means that search results are classified according to the time and location of a search. The geographical information is used to gauge the popularity of a specific phrase in a specific location. The advantage of Google Trends is that it provides unbiased Google search data. It will help you to make the best decisions on what keywords to use for your content. The anonymity of the Google Trends Data helps in knowing topics and phrases of interest in different geographical locations.

For housekeeping purposes, make use of the Google Trends data to search for your topic of interest, know where it is mostly searched, and what phrases are commonly used.

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#2. Study the Keyword

Keyword research is a common technique for SEO which majority of the people overlooks the importance of keyword. It is an essential tool for having effective SEO and to bring your content to the top search engine results. During the keyword research, you will use the Google Trends to get an idea of the most used phrases in your area of specialization. Google Trends will highlight the queries related to your content and provide keywords suggestions. You no longer need to do guesswork with the keywords because this tool already has a useful keyword database. You will be able to move beyond using simple keywords to the most used phrases, hence make your content more relevant. The customers’ behavior is continuously changing, and you need to be aware of the most used keywords for SEO.

#3. Compare Different Search Trends

Google Trends provides you with SEO research opportunity by providing you with the most recent filters. Different keywords have different search percentage. For example, when comparing keywords related to dogs, you may find that “cute dogs” has more search as compared to “small dogs.” This will shed some light on your SEO and utilize the most used phrase. You need to know that there are two types of filters: real time and non-real time. Real-time filters will show you the most recent queries that have been used within the last seven days. The non-real filter will show you queries data set from 2004 to 36 hours. You can sample this data to predict the best keywords to use for SEO. Consequently, the filters provide you with the trending queries according to the geographical location. For instance, most people in the UK search for “dogs” while in the US they search for “cats.” Google Trends will help you eliminate guesswork and to reduce time wastage in trial and error method.

As you compare different trends, you will be able to see different phrase seasons that has a high number of searches. For example, during the summer Olympics, there are common phrases that people use to search for items on the internet as well as during winter. You will have an effective Keyword Planner as you use the queries database to predict the most used keywords in different seasons. It is obvious that during global events there are specific phrases that gain more searched and will help in boosting your business. It will definitely give you an opportunity of staying ahead of your competitors since you will remain relevant at all seasons.

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#4. Google Trends Index

Numbers is an obvious factor in SEO; therefore Google Trends puts data in numbers. You may be wondering how this is important. Google Trends provides the number on the frequency of search queries as well as spikes. The spikes will accelerate in topics that are of great interest and is a reflection of what is going on in the real world. This information is displayed on graphs and charts that will help you know what people are searching. It will also help you know the least interesting topics. The growth of your traffic will be determined by numbers.


Google Trends provides a power lens that can be utilized in SEO by helping you know how to customize different online content. Housekeeping, keyword research, comparing different keywords and Google Trends index are the best ways of using the Google Trends for SEO. Number and frequencies in the query database provided by the Google Trends will help you soar your SEO game and to always stay above your competitors.



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