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5 Practical Black Hat SEO Techniques For 2018

This blog post will try to explain and predict the best black hat SEO techniques for 2018.  Black hat SEO refers to search optimization activities that do not necessarily meet Google guidelines and principles. We have come to know a large number of unconventional ways to improve ranking of web pages. The tools people use [.....]


Practical Tips to Build a Google Friendly Website

Introduction One thing is for sure that a business, whether small or big, needs to be on the internet. However, it is not easy to build and maintain a search engine friendly presence that remains profitable for a long period of time. Search engine optimization is regarded as one of the most cost-effective, non-paid marketing [.....]


SEO Mind-Blowing Stats – 2018

Introduction SEO has become a crucial part for most of the online marketing channels. Due to the changes in demand for online services, it is impossible to ignore the value of SEO in marketing strategies. Every business, whether small or large, local or international, that sells services and products online will definitely need SEO. That [.....]


Tips To Guide Your Content Marketing Strategy in – 2018

Businesses that have invested resources in content marketing, and consistently created valuable content in the past few years are now experiencing a competitive edge. Your success in content marketing depends on a number of factors: strategy development, quality content, better targeting in content distribution, and innovation. In 2018, marketers will be sorting out parts of [.....]


What You Need to Know about Rich Results Tool

Introduction The Rich results tool has been introduced by Google with the aim of testing structured data. This tool can test rich cards, rich snippets and other significant addition on your website content. This new testing tool is referred to as rich results because it tests all the rich additions during search engine optimization. In [.....]


The Best Way to Use Google Trends for Search Engine Optimization

Introduction Google Trends was introduced in the online market in 2006 by the Google Company to assist users to know the most common phrases and keywords. This data is frequently updated depending on how frequently the phrases or keywords are used. From time to time, people change the phrases when searching for something on the [.....]


4 Tips on How to Future-Proof Your SEO for 2018

At the closure of 2017, it is a suitable to think about how SEO will be in 2018. After knowing the 2018 SEO trends, it is equally important to know the right steps to take with SEO for the future. This article will highlight key trends and how you should be prepared, and tips on [.....]


Top Four Engagement Marketing Metrics Techniques of 2018

Introduction If you are reading this article, you probably want to know the engagement market metrics and how to improve them. Many people may not value engagement as part of the things that can make a business successful. Truth to be told that engagement is crucial to ensure the success of business because customers' behavior [.....]


A Quick SEO Guide in 2018

Are you still wondering how to ace your online business with SEO? SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization and involves various activities to help in improving your search engine rankings. Any web page has the potential of gaining high ranks in Google if search engine optimization is done right. There have been changes [.....]