General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – 2020

General data protection regulation is bound to help keep people’s data safe. Generally, the general data regulation is a form of protocols that control how data from individuals should move from one person to another and from one region to another. The general data protection regulation was formed in 2016.It controls how data belonging to the European Union citizens should move.

Reason Why the General Data Protection Regulation Was Created

The main reason why the General data protection regulation was created is to protect data that belong to the European Union citizens. Due to emerging technologies in the rapidly changing world, there are some things that the (GDPR) aims to add to the data protection directive that was created in the 90s.One key issue that was not properly addressed, was how data should move between geographical grids.

One big reason why the (GDPR) was created is that there is an increase in the number of internet hackers. Hackers normally make fake websites where you put your data. Most people use the same usernames and passwords for all their sign up on websites. Through tracking they are able to get your emails and get more sensitive data about you. Through emails, they can also be in a position to get to know your financial transactions especially virtual ones. A service like PayPal basically uses your email to authenticate transactions.

General data protection regulation will also be embedded in communication companies. This is because communication companies have a lot of data about you.

Basic Components Of (GDPR)

Generally, the (GDPR) aims at maturing in MAY of 2020. There has been an incubation since 2016 to give time for all companies in the European Union to get to know how the (GDPR) works and incorporate it into their systems. Basically,  many European Union laws and regulations are considered as a gold standard in other economies and hence (GDPR) might be the next data protection law in the world since it seals loopholes that are in previous data.

Some of the notable changes include the following;

GDPRHiring of data management personnel; The (GDPR) requires all companies that handle data to employ officers that are in charge of people’s data. He is liable for violations of the privacy of the peoples’ data.

Authorization; The (GDPR) aims at people being notified when data is about to be transferred to other parties. For people who are under 18 years of age, the parents must take charge and sign that they have accepted the data to change hands.

Privacy should not be added as an add-on but should be incorporated from when the system is developed. This means that companies with already developed systems need to crash them and redesign them from scratch with the privacy components included.

Increase accessing of data by the owner. This means that the owner of data needs to know what is happening to his or her data. He should be answered when he or she demands to know about the data. Generally, the general data protection regulation considers the following types of data, but not limited to, network addresses like IPs, Emails, personal photographs your third-party website information.



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