The Top 50 SEO Evaluated Tips and Techniques To Make Your Page No.1 In Search Result


Finding the top SEO tips and techniques in amongst the plethora of ways that page rankings can be improved is not easy. The problem to find the critical few trail and tested ways can be traced back to the fact that optimization specialists often differ about what works.

Here we present the 50 best ones, based on its effectiveness and ease of use.

On-Page Top SEO Tips and Techniques that Work:

1. If your ranking suddenly drops, use the Google website penalty indicator to see if you collected any penalties and rectify.

2. Using infographics is a great way to get noticed and shared on social media, but search engines cannot “read” the content.  To overcome this, add a detailed text explanation to your page where you include the target keywords.

3. When developing titles for your pages, make sure you use a unique title and not tired off the shelf titles.  This bit of effort will pay handsome dividends in terms of page ranking.


4. Focus on providing practical, actionable content and leave the opinion based content for the beginners.

5. Make your URL the exact keyword that you plan to get a ranking for.  Just make sure that the page content supports the keywords in the URL.

6. The embedding of long tail keywords in your title tags is a technique that will get you ranked for the long tail words and over time the associated main keywords will be ranked as well.

7. Web pages are about content, therefore repeat your target keyword a number of times in the content of the page.

8. To increase the trustworthiness of your website, include a page that spells out your privacy policy and your terms of use on your site.

9. Use target keyword synonyms across the H1 and H2 tags to reinforce what the page is all about.

10. Give readers the surety that the information on your page is not old and outdated by adding the last review date to it.

11. Get visitors to share your page easier by ensuring that the social sharing buttons on the page are extremely easy to locate.

12. There is a strong correlation between the length of content on a page and the ranking. The longer, the higher the ranking. But try to make the content within 700-1000words.

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13. When creating your title tag put your target keyword near the beginning.

14. Content that has been sitting on your page for more than a year is probably outdated or not being noticed by search engines any longer and should be reviewed.

15. Using shorter URLs seems to achieve a bit better rankings, using any popular search engine.

16. The use of internal linking of pages on your website by linking all your pages with a high rank to those with a lower rank.

17. Making use of links on a page to go to a different section on the same page will increase your page ranking.

18. In order to rectify title tag issues, you can utilize the free Google search console to locate them easily.


19. There is a correlation between having at least one image on a page and increased rankings, use pictures on your pages.

20. Numbering steps, making a bullet point or numbered lists of items, will increase chances of a higher ranking.

21. Using outbound links will improve ranking somewhat, therefore use it.

22. Using review systems like “Schema” in a legitimate way is a potential ranking booster.

23. The length of your title tag used by Google for SEO purposes, the current limit is 512 pixels.  In order to get this, keep to less than 60 characters.

24. Place at least one executable tip at the top of your page. Google could use it as an extra-long description in the search results.

25. In your title tag, use modifiers like “best” “latest” or the number of the present year.

26. Utilize your target keywords early on in your content.

27. Insert an in-text, hyperlinked “Click to Tweet” option in your content.

28. Publish in depth content on your topic.

29. Include your target keyword in image filenames.

30. Script image Alt Text to look like a title.

31. Once you have isolated your keywords adding extra keywords that are synonyms or words with a similar meaning to your content, will improve your page’s hit rate.


Link Building Top SEO Tips and Techniques that Work

32. When emailing a web page owner asking for “a link” include the page link and the location on the page.

33. Make regular contributions on relevant sites viewed as an authority on your subject.

34. Obtain .edu backlinks from Universities by building a scholarship reference page for people in your field.

35. Sending your latest post content’s link to link roundups may result in a backlink.

36. Work with other publishers to write an in depth article.

37. Obtain backlinks by collecting and publishing data.


38. Combine ordinary but related publications into a comprehensive manual about the topic.

39. Join expert groups and contribute to their published roundups and advice page.

40. Produce and publish a “Glossary of Terms” about your topic.

41. Create your own downloadable free tool.

42. Publish infographics regularly

43. Generate Co-Branded infographics with associates.

44. Only guest post on high-quality, relevant sites.

45. It is the number of links, not necessarily the quality of the site linking that is important, as long as the site looks good.

46. Focus on building links by making use of email campaigns to relevant sites.

47. Scan Twitter for linking opportunities.

48. Identify links that are relevant to your site to focus on.

49. Take responsibility to follow up on “out of office” replies to requests for links.

50. Aim to get more Contextual links.

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