10 Essential Onsite SEO Techniques to Rank Fast in Google Search Engine

There are many people who are trying to give their business a virtual kick by starting websites or blogs to promote their business.  Doing such things not only prove that you are trying your level best to keep up with the changing business strategies but also helps you give a head to head competition with your rivals. However, to make the best of your website you need to follow some on-site SEO techniques. Today we will tell you some of the most effective SEO techniques that you ought to know!

  1. SEO Audit on the website

Number one on our list is doing a complete SEO audit of your website. This technique is very important as it helps you keep your website up to date with the developments and also helps you retain the top spot. SEO audit is basically a technique which measures the friendliness of your web page in the area of SEO.  Lastly, an SEO audit will also let you know what all needs to be fixed so that the performance could be improved.

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  1. Landing Page Optimization

Optimizing your landing page can help you generate leads and increase sales. Hence, this technique is very important and that is why it has managed to claim a spot on our list. It is important to optimize your landing page in such a way that it captures everyones attention. The biggest mistake that companies make is just focusing on the homepage. We all know that homepage is important, however  the landing page cannot be ignored.  While optimizing your landing page keep in mind a few points-

Users don’t have to leave the site (say no to navigation, you want your users to stay on the same page)

Content is interesting and informative (two I’s you should never forget)

Demands for a clear and loud call for action (to subscribe, sign up etc)

You can create your landing page as per your requirements and can attach it with your domain.  We basically use Unbounce to make quality landing pages.

  1. Internal Linking

Now to those of you who think internal linking is not a good way, we would like to tell you that you are most certainly wrong. When you add other links to your website on a particular page you ensure that the user doesn’t have to navigate much to look for the exact page which not only helps your users get to the right page without a hassle but also helps search engines find all your content easily.

  1. Meta Description

We all know what meta descriptions are and how important role they play when it comes to SEO. But wait a minute there are many of you who forget to add a Meta description which is one of the biggest blunders you could make!  A meta description is basically a 160 character snippet which is more or less a summary of what your webpage contains. Now you must be wondering what exactly is the purpose of this snippet? Well, your meta description should contain certain keywords (which you have to search for) which would be used by the search engines every time a person tries to look for it. This would help your site to get recognized easily by the search engine which in return would attract the user.

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  1. URL Structure

Another omnipotent weapon on our list is none other than the URL structure.  Having a short and search engine friendly URL structure is very important as it tends to perform better than the longer one. Another important thing which tends to work in a better way when it comes to URL is the URL which contains certain keywords.

For example, if your page is about fashion hacks, then having certain keywords which are related to this term in the URL would give you more benefit.

  1. Keyword Density

Keyword Density is a rule we all love to break. When it comes to writers they often forget how they are bound with this term called “density”. Well, keyword density is a much-needed thing as it helps the search engines look for your site more efficiently. A density of 2-5% is considered to be very desirable, however, what we forget is that having certain keywords help our site to rule the world, but having them excessively in our content page may also force google to ban us! So always play safe when it comes to the density.

  1. Image SEO

Well, Image SEO is a great way to make your site look more alive and user-friendly. The moment you add lively pictures (which are of course related to the content) you take your first step towards captivating your user’s attention. This ensures that they go through everything you have mentioned. Another interesting thing which it does is helping the readers to skim through the whole content easily. When you add pictures to your content it helps you break your content into pieces which helps the readers to go through it without popping their eyes out after seeing the plethora of information.


  1. Body Tags

While writing something you should ensure that it is divided into headings/tags as this helps you break your content into subsections or sub headings which again makes your content look more appealing as it looks easier to read. Always remember people prefer bullet points over a page full of information which resembles your history book.  The search engine looks for keywords and this is where sub- headings with keywords will help you. So basically by adding body tags you not only help your users, but also help the search engine which at the end helps your website.

  1. Content

Here comes the interesting part. When it comes to the content of your website, you should never forget the two I’s which is informative and interesting. The content should have a lot of information so that the users learn something, but while writing informative content, you should also make it interesting so that the user cannot stop reading what you have written. Other than this it is noticed that content which is longer tends to do better than short content.  It is often suggested to make your content have at least 1800 words. Content which is longer receives more traffic.

  1. Mobile Friendly and Fast

Last but not the least on our list is making your website mobile friendly and fast. These are the two techniques which are relatively new but still have managed to become popular and crucial day by day. Google is investing a lot to make the web faster and as a result, they have also added “speed” to be considered as one of the important things in the ranking results. So now you should definitely ensure that your web is fast enough.  Other than that with everything becoming more and more compact day by day you should also ensure that your website is mobile friendly as according to statistics around 60% of searches are done from mobile. To keep your site abreast with all the developments making your site mobile friendly is certainly very important.

Hope this article was informative enough, you can contact  TRICKC Digital Marketing Services to know more and get help, as we are the most desirable one stop solution to all your problems.

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