How To Buy Bitcoins: A Total Guide

So, you have realized the power of cryptocurrency and want to invest in Bitcoins without putting your resources at risk. Financial experts often advise that never invest more than you can afford to lose. Why did they say this? Because digital currencies come with all kind of uncertainties and fluctuations. When it comes to the world of cryptocurrencies, things can change dramatically in a matter of a few minutes. However, let’s keep it simple.



How to buy bitcoin? You can buy bitcoins directly from people using online marketplaces or through exchanges, just like other products and services. You can use a number of channels to pay for them; however, it depends largely on where you live and your objectives. Following are some of the basic guidelines on how to buy bitcoins:

You Need a Wallet

You definitely need a place to store your digital currency no matter how you buy bitcoins.  The bitcoin wallet uses your private key and a secret number which gives you access to your digital fortune. You can use the private key to always access your wallet and to move across marketplaces. When it comes to setting up a wallet, you might get overwhelmed by a wide range of services that you can choose from.

Software wallets are applications that you can connect with your bank account. You can simply go to the mobile app store and download the application. Most people think hardware wallets are safer than software wallets. Do your homework and make decisions based on your situation.

You Can Buy Bitcoins with Hard Cash

 People do exchange bitcoins for cash and you can find them on platforms like LocalBitcoins. If you are in the United States, you can use LibertyX to find retail outlets across the country and exchange cash for bitcoins. There are specific ATMs that send bitcoins to your wallet in exchange for cash. These machines are just like your local bank ATM. You can find a bitcoin ATM near you using Coinatmradar. There are other channels that can be used to exchange cash for bitcoins.

How to Buy BITCOIN

You Can Buy Bitcoins Online

Cryptocurrency exchanges can sell or buy bitcoin on your behalf. With varying levels of repute and degrees of security and liquidity, you can find hundreds of operational exchanges. However, choose a reputable exchange based on your geographical area.

Bitfinex is one of the largest bitcoin exchanges in the world. You can choose any trusted exchange for small amounts. Most exchanges accept PayPal transfers, other accept payments via credit card or bank transfer.


Buying procedure is different for each exchange. Make sure you have sufficient information required to execute the purchase while avoiding any technical issue. Once the money is transferred, the exchange will buy the corresponding amount of bitcoin on your behalf and transfer it to an automatically created wallet. The whole process can take a few minutes or even hours due to network problems.

People who are new to this industry should learn how to buy bitcoin in a risk-free manner before making any purchase decision. Consult a cryptocurrency expert to get more information!

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